Stay on the Frontlines of the Economic Recovery with our 16-Hour Virtual Tax Conference

You didn’t think taxes could get more complicated? Well they did. We are here to help.

The Virtual Tax Update & Review Conference from November 9th - November 19th has ended. Courses are still available at the link below. 

This event is co-sponsored by ADP.

Conference Schedule

November 9th, 2020 - November 19th, 2020

You will be able to choose sessions at these times every Monday-Thursday between November 9th and November 20th to take the seminar. Each lesson will last about 2 hours, and you must complete all 8 lessons.


  • Lesson 1- 8-9:40 PT
  • Lesson 2- 10-11:40 PT
  • One-hour Lunch Break
  • Lesson 3- 1-2:40 PT
  • Lesson 4- 3-4:40 PT


  • Lesson 5- 8-9:40 PT
  • Lesson 6- 10-11:40 PT
  • One-hour Lunch Break
  • Lesson 7- 1-2:40 PT
  • Lesson 8- 3-4:40 PT


  • Lesson 1- 8-9:40 ET
  • Lesson 2- 10-11:40 ET
  • One-hour Lunch Break
  • Lesson 3- 1-2:40 ET
  • Lesson 4- 3-4:40 ET


  • Lesson 5- 8-9:40 ET
  • Lesson 6- 10-11:40 ET
  • One-hour Lunch Break
  • Lesson 7- 1-2:40 ET
  • Lesson 8- 3-4:40 ET

4 Two-Hour Lessons a Day / Schedule Restarts Every 2 Days

What's included?

After attending the virtual conference, the student will be ready to prepare individual 2020 tax returns. The course will fine-tune the skills of practitioners who wish to provide their clients with superior preparation and planning services. A must course for serious Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Enrolled Agents (EAs) IRS Tax Professionals and California Registered Tax Preparers (CRTPs).

16-hour CPE Tax Review and Update Webcast - Broken down by session


Q & A monitored by our team of tax subject experts


1,000+ Page 'Big Book of Taxes' PDF edition


What We Will Cover:

The webcast agenda will of course include all of the changes brought about from the CARES Act, the Family First Act, the Secure Act, forgiveness of Paycheck Protection loans, extenders, newly issued regulations, and issues of current importance. Including rentals and the 199A deduction, employee or independent contractor issues, Interest tracing, refinancing home mortgages, plus many other of issues of current importance plus California differences throughout.

As with any normal year, there will be court cases, revenue rulings, revenue procs, new regulations, Chief Counsel Rulings, and legislation changes, all of which we will cover through our webcasts.

We have tackled all of the major issues head-on, as we have updated our Big Book of Taxes with all of the new law. The highly rated PDF is available to all webcast attendees and includes over 1,000 pages of tax reform update and review. The Big Book of Taxes is a time-saving reference year-round.

Here is more about your speakers...

Our A-Team speakers include Lee Reams, BSME, EA and Art Werner, J.D., M.S. We take special care to include the latest law and procedural changes, revenue rulings, form changes and practical advisories in our seminar. We also develop a list of troublesome areas from which we receive frequent technical calls and include them in the presentation. Our unique seminar text includes integrated California provisions and differences and is so complete and well-organized that many practitioners use it as their primary tax season reference. The text also highlights tax strategies that will benefit your clients and make you a hero. Find out for yourself why our students scored our textbook 94 out of 100 in a recent survey.

Lee Reams Sr.

Art Werner


J.D., M.S.


Download the Full Program Agenda

You will not find another seminar that provides you with as much practical and useful information!

CPE Hours: Federal = 16 CPE Credits / Total = 16 CPE Credits


Virtual Tax Update & Review Conference

How do I register for a lesson? 

Please watch this video tutorial on how to register and for more information. 

Can I re-watch the webcasts after I've completed them?

After you complete the webcast, you will be sent an email with a link to watch the replay. That replay is available shortly after the webcast ends, and is available until January 21st, 2021. 

Can I watch the webcast at any time?

No, you must sign up for a specific date/time to watch the webcast. 

How do I get credit for a lesson I've completed?

You must watch the entire webcast, successfully answer the polling questions, and complete the survey to receive CPE credit.

Is there a test?

There is no test. 

When do we get instructions about how to login and complete the seminar?

You will receive instructions from our ClientWhys Learning Center to your email.

Can I reschedule if I need to?

Yes, once you are granted access to schedule your webcast, you will be able to simply login to our learning center here and register for a different date/time to join the session. This will override your current scheduled time. 

Will there be a Q&A during the webcast?

Yes, you will be able to ask questions live during the webcast using the Q&A box. 

Are there polling questions?

Yes, you will answer polling questions once the webcast has ended. 

"Last year was my first year attending a ClientWhys seminar; the speakers were excellent and I was blown away by the quality of the accompanying text."

"Your seminars and online courses, which were first time experiences for me, were very enjoyable. I will continue to attend your seminars and the online courses."

"Thank you for your spectacular tax seminars, "Big Book," and for being the tax practitioners Number One tax research resource!!!"

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